Heart Rate Zone Calculator

Use the calculator here to find your target heart rate training zones. The calculations are approximate and may vary from person to person. Age, gender, fitness level, and more are all factors that impact your max heart rate and your specific training zones.

You may need to refresh your screen if the Calculator below fails to load.

See below for more on heart rate zones including percentages, intensity level, and benefits.

ZoneIntensityCardio WorkoutPercentage of Max HRPurpose (how enhances performance)
Zone 1Very lightEasy50–60%Increases overall fitness and encourages blood flow to the muscles
Zone 2LightAerobic60–70%Builds aerobic engine and fat-burning engine
Zone 3ModerateAerobic70–80%Improves endurance and raises aerobic metabolism
Zone 4HardAnaerobic threshold80–90%Improves endurance by raising lactate threshold
Zone 5MaximumAnerobic90–100%Improves VO2max, running speed, and running economy

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