Thank you for your interest in contacting me. I am the sole contributor and owner of this site and live in Florida where I can run year-round. I appreciate your interest and hope you have found the information helpful.

My goal is to share information I’ve researched and experienced during my middle-age, beginner running journey. I’ve been frustrated with the information available online as a lot is targeted to runners who are younger and can run 5-7 days a week, have a strong background in running, or just don’t seem to relate to circumstances and situations of a middle-age beginner runner.

I’ve been running at least 3 times a week now for several years and have been very happy with my progress. I’ve completed a half and full marathon without injury or incident all through research I’ve done both online and through books. I’ve also improved my speed and have recently run a 1-mile PR (faster than my high school timed mile).

I hope the content on this site can benefit you and welcome any comments and suggestions you may have.

You can contact me at the below email:

[email protected]