About The Running Geek

Hey! Thanks for coming to my site. In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Aprille and I just love running and researching how to become a better, fitter runner.

I was never a runner in high school or college, in fact, I really never liked running. Once I hit middle-age I knew I should incorporate a regular exercise program, but I was never consistent with going to the gym. I landed on running as it was the simplest aerobic activity that I felt I may be able to stick to (all I needed were good sneakers).

I have since become hooked on running for so many reasons and have been running consistently for many years. As a busy person, getting the most out of the time you spend doing anything is extremely important to me, and running fits this bill. I’ve found that running is a skill and the more you learn about it and practice it, the better you can become.

I started this site as I’ve found much of the articles and material about running seemed to be geared to more experienced runners (ones who ran in high school or college) and ones who also tend to run really fast. While I know they have a wealth to share about their experiences and insights, I really had to dig for information for the average middle-ager or beginner who just wants to get the most out of a running routine and continue running in a sustainable way.

I hope you enjoy the content and find it helpful. Running is hard, but I’ve found you can still enjoy it and get better no matter what age you start running.