9 Ways to Run with Your Phone and Which is Best for You

Carrying your phone safely and comfortably while running can be a challenge.  I’ve been running for a while and always run with my phone, so I’ve tried nearly every way out there.  Finding the ideal method may take a little experimenting, but it can also be easier and cheaper than you may think.

There are several ways can carry your phone when running and the best method to use will depend on the situation.  Accessibility, cost, and convenience are all factors to consider based on the type of phone one has and the type of workout one will be doingAs preferences vary, experimenting with the different methods will be the best way to know which is most effective for you.

There is no single best way to carry a phone for every person or for every workout.  How much you will need to access your phone, the type of workout you will be doing, and the amount of money you are willing to invest are all factors to consider.  Read on for a list of common ways to use your phone with some pros and cons of each.

Use a running vest to carry you phone

A great method for carrying a phone while running is using a running vest with front pockets.  This allows for easy access to your phone and can be worn over any type of shirt.  As a bonus you can carry other items you may need such as a water, mace, lip balm, tissues, etc.

Running vests can vary widely in price, but you can get started with an affordable one that will fit your needs as shown below.    Running vests do take some getting used, but the convenience of being able to access your phone and carry other items comfortably will get you hooked.  The sooner you start using one, the happier you will be.

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Hold your phone in your hand or wrist

For shorter runs and timed runs, running with your phone in your hand may be a good option.  For very short runs simply holding you phone is probably fine, but make sure you have a good protector just in case.

Strapping your phone to your hand is a better option as it is safer and allows you to concentrate on your workout.  There are various ways you can strap your phone to your hand as outlined below.

  • Wrap your hand and phone with a stretch headband, hair tie, or ace bandage.  I frequently use a figure 8 configuration with a neck gaiter bandana which is perfect.  While the bandana gets wet from my sweat, my phone remains dry.
  • Use a hand strap or holder you already have and adapt it for you phone.  I sometimes use my hand holder for my mace and attach my phone to it without the mace (so it doesn’t get too heavy)
  • Purchase a handheld cell phone carrier a shown below.

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Wear a running waist belt

This is one of the most secure options for carrying your phone.  A running belt is a tight elastic belt that can hold most size phones.  The best belts are waterproof on the inside to keep everything dry and usually have a zipper for keeping items secure.

As the phone sits snuggly against your waist this is a comfortable option for carrying a phone of any size.  If you want to access your phone frequently this may not be the best option.  Also be aware that over time the belt will lose elasticity but depending on the brand and quality you may get a lot of miles out one.

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Use the hip pocket in stretch shorts/pants

Stretch pants with the hip side pocket are ideal for holding your phone securely and for ease of access.  While this may seem like the most ideal option, I have found that my phone gets wet when running in hot weather or on long runs.

This is a good option for most women who like to wear stretch shorts or leggings and you can pick up a pair with the side pockets rather affordably.

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Wear running shorts with a zipper pocket

Shorts that have a back waist pocket is a good way to carry a phone if you do not need to access your phone very often.  Zippered side pockets can be used too, but you may find the phone jiggles too much to make this a practical option. 

The back pocket may not be ideal if you have a larger phone as the pockets are usually just big enough for the smallest phones.  I used this option when I first started running, but now access my phone more often so this is not a very safe way for me.

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Wear shirts or jacket with zip pocket or pocket designed for cell phone

A tight-fitting shirt or jacket with a pocket for a cell phone or zippered pockets is a secure option in cooler temperatures.  The zip pockets or specially designed cell pocket with a tight fit to keep your phone from falling out is best.

Anything tight fitting can be uncomfortable in summer months and looser shirts and jackets may jiggle too much with a phone.  

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Use a phone carrier vest

If your priority is to carry your phone securely with easy access this may be a great option.  Many of the vests are designed to hold your cell phone securely to your body without interfering with your workout. 

Different vests have other options that may appeal to you such as reflective material and additional pockets for storage.  Not all runners (aka women like me) will like the idea of having their phone right on their chest so this really is a personal preference.

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Use an arm band that can hold your phone

Arm bands are very popular for exercising with your phone as they typically do not interfere with your workout.  For those who may have an older phone with a phone jack, the arm band is the ideal carrier as the phone is closer to your head for the wired headphones. 

I personally am not a fan of the arm band as I cannot use my phone while running.  With it on my upper arm, I can’t see my screen very clearly and find it nearly impossible to type the passcode correctly while running.  In addition, I found that the plastic cover on the cheaper versions do not hold up to the wear and tear of running.   

  • I have used a DIY version and made my own with a tube sock.  This was great as long as I didn’t need to access my phone. See link here for video on making one.
  • Purchase one as shown below.

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Wear a sports bra with a phone holder

This can be a good option for women that want to carry their phone and don’t need to access it very often.  With the phone secured to your upper back, this is a safe option that keeps the phone out of way. 

This may not be a good option if you have a larger phone or are not very flexible.  Reaching behind your back to access a phone can be a challenge for some, especially while running. 

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Final Comments

Running with a phone can be a challenge.  If you need to access your phone a lot, you may want to invest in a smart watch.  Many GPS watches have features that not only track your run, but allow you to access a playlist, emails, and more.

Running watches are more expensive than many of the options above so if you’re new to running try out some of the different methods above and find the one that works best for you and your budget. 

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